GOLD STOCK's Canadian Depository Program allows you to purchase precious metals from us and have them stored on a segregated and allocated basis in our secured vault facilities. We are convenient and flexible to allow you to add, sell or withdraw your holdings at any time

The program offers the following specific advantages:

- Storage in Toronto & Mississauga
- Secure bank-like regulated facility
- Competitive storage and administrative fees
- Storage fees charged only for actual duration of storage
- Free annual audit report from independent auditors
- Detailed monthly statements
- Full insurance coverage at no additional cost

Please visit the Shipping section on our FAQ page for more information.

With our many options, you may find the storage solution that best suits your requirements. All of your vital items can be easily, safely, and conveniently accessed with the help of our storage solutions. Shop today to find the best deals on high-quality storage items! At the Goldstock Depository, investors can purchase, sell, and store gold, silver, and platinum. To safeguard your precious metal assets, we offer a vast network of secure facilities, including central bank-grade vaults.