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In the previous blog post, we discussed the various reasons for investing in gold coins, which coins are the best buys for you and popular gold coin options. In this post, we’ll continue to guide you through the other essential factors to consider when buying gold coins for the first time.

Where to Buy Gold Coins from

There are several dealers, brokerage houses and banks from where you can make your first purchase. You can also buy gold coins online as there are numerous resources available. Make sure to choose a company that’s reputable and reliable. Don’t hesitate to ask questions you may have before you settle on a dealer. Inquire how long they’ve been in business, which investment activities they specialize in, their customer policies, how they address customer queries, their license statuses, etc.

Whether you buy from a local dealer or online company, it’s important to check out the company profile, its rating, and the reviews/complaints. If there’s a consistent record of complaints, then that’s a bad sign, especially if there’s no effort from the company to address it. Also, if there’s a very high rating of the company but a lot of complaints lodged against it, then this could be a warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored.

To keep your first purchase safe, select a local dealer or online company that has a great track record of at least 10 years or more.

Dealers on TV and eBay are another option. With dealers/companies who advertise on TV, their products are usually much more expensive with expensive payment plans that charge interest. On eBay, although shipping is free, more risk is incurred as you’d be buying from private parties. Both of these options aren’t a good fit for first time buyers.

Local Dealer Vs Online Sellers of Gold Coins

With online sellers, you’ll get better pricing (even after including credit card/wire fees, shipping, and insurance) and more choices than local stores and firms. However, you’re likely to face a common risk of paying upfront and trusting your online dealer to deliver the same gold coin that you purchased.

On the other hand, buying from a local dealer offers greater privacy, immediate possession of your gold and no shipping and insurance charges. But there are also some disadvantages involved such as limited choices and higher premium rates.

Compare the company profiles, prices, other expenses, taxation, various policies and modes of payment. Finalize your choice of dealer on the grounds of your needs and convenience.

Dos and Don’ts of Buying Gold Coins


  1. Research as much as possible to find the current market news and trends. Read financial publications, analysts’ reports, industry news, reputed blogs based on gold investment.
  2. Buy gold coins according to your objectives.
  3. Determine your budget and the weight of the coins.
  4. Choose your gold source wisely. Buy from a reputed dealer with a guaranteed buyback policy.
  5. Determine where you’ll store your coins. You can either store it in a vault in your home or in some other location, if you have home security issues. 


  1. Don’t buy from just any dealer without verifying its authenticity and reputation before purchasing.
  2. Don’t end up purchasing rare coins or being tempted to invest in other gold options if they don’t serve your purpose.
  3. Don’t trust dealers that offer free storage.

This guide will help you start planning for your first gold ownership safely and securely. A lot of first time buyers are concerned about the best time for purchasing gold coins. Instead of waiting for more favourable prices (never a certainty), you should invest in gold coins whenever you think you want to own it. Happy investing!


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If it’s your first time investing in gold coins, then there’s a good chance you have a lot of questions and doubts. We’ve come up with this useful guide to help you make your first gold coin purchase successful.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the advantages of owning gold coins, the best coins to buy, how to find the right dealer and prices, where to buy, and the dos and don’ts of purchasing gold coins. Let’s get started.

Why Should You Buy Gold Coins?

Buying gold is ultimately a long-term investment as profit is made in the future. Although gold prices fluctuate, its value is timeless which makes it an ideal asset. You can also pass it on to your heirs.

Gold coins are ideal for hedging against inflation and capitalizing on price movement. The tangibility, strong liquidity, value density, store of value quality, low maintenance and transportation costs of gold coins make it a quintessential investment. Gold coins are also free of counterparty risks so you don’t need to have any paper contract.

Which Gold Coins are the Best Buys for You?

There are several gold coins in the market and they can be categorized into two types –

1. Bullion Coins

2. Rare or Numismatic Coins

Bullion gold coins are standard coins made of highly refined gold. Since gold is a soft metal, some bullion coins may also contain alloy to make them more durable. Many government mints produce bullion coins every year. Manufactured and guaranteed by governments, bullion coins are also known as sovereign coins. Their value is based on the content of the precious metal.

Rare or numismatic coins are “collectibles”. They’re bought/sold by collectors and their value is based on rarity and their condition rather than gold content like bullion coins. These coins are highly priced coins and their premiums can soar up to millions. However, unless you want to become a collector, numismatic coins won’t be a profitable choice.

As an investor, you should buy coins that are easy to sell and not tricky to sell. When you go to sell rare coins, the major concerns are less number of buyers, delays in deals (as the authenticity is to be checked) and possibilities of getting lesser premium than the original value. With bullion coins, these risks are absent as you can sell them anywhere, get plenty of buyers and get paid according to the price of gold.

What are the Most Popular Gold Coins?

Here are some of the most popular bullion coins. As a first time gold coin buyer, you should begin by collecting some of these sovereign coins before buying others:

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins
• American Gold Buffalo Gold Coins
• American Gold Eagle Gold Coins
• Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins
• Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins
• Chinese Panda Gold Coins
• South African Krugerrand Gold Coins
• British Sovereign Gold Coins

They’re available in various denominations. One-ounce denominations are more profitable because fractional coins come in higher premiums. However, if you can’t afford one-ounce coins, you can always go for other affordable options.

In the next blog, we’ll discuss the rest of the factors and provide some more additional tips to help you buy your first gold coins.


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Lumber has long been a staple in the Canadian and American export industries. Agriculture and lumber were given priority historically, keeping gold mining at the lower end of the market.Read More
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Investing in gold mine stock or physical gold

Gold is one of the safest investment options to protect against inflation and market crashes. With gold prices climbing after January, investors are again taking interest. Investments in physical gold and gold mining stocks are two popular ways of owning gold. There some similarities between the two, as well as differences. The question is which option is better?


Gold has a baseline value few other commodities have. Its practical value in technology, manufacturing and economics provides the precious metal a level of value stability. This means that both physical gold and gold mining stocks have the potential to recover from any economic loss incurred through inflation or hardship.


Investing in gold mining stock means you’re betting on the success of a particular company instead of gold in general. By putting your money in physical gold, you’re buying gold bullions and coins that is directly related to the health of the gold market itself. Moreover, commodity investments do not generate income.

Advantages of Gold Mining Stock over Physical Gold

The biggest advantage of gold mining stock is that it goes up with the rise in gold prices. Stock value depends on a company’s management and individual performance. This means that if you invest in the right mining stocks, they can elevate your investment portfolio much faster than physical gold prices. On the other hand, the value of physical gold depends on market sentiment following economic downturn. The appreciation in this case is constant. So, if you hold onto your physical gold for a long time and the value plummets, there isn’t the possibility of getting a quick return.

Disadvantages of Gold Mining Stocks

Choosing the right mining company to invest in is difficult. There are a lot of factors that you need to account for, making the endeavor risky.  Gold prices play a smaller role in this market than with physical gold. Physical gold prices tend to stay consistent from country to country, meaning you’ll generally always know the value of your stock.

Which investment strategy is the better option will depend on several factors; namely, your financial situation. Investing in physical gold stocks is a great option if you can play the long game and are generally more conservative with your investments. You won’t see huge returns, but you will see your investments grow if you’re patient. The opposite is true if you decide to go the gold mining stock route. Prices will be more volatile, allowing for bigger losses and gains. When it comes down to it, your investment choices will depend on your investment objectives.

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Market Commentary - 24th March 2017

Mar 24, 2017 4:00:04 PM


Gold was stagnant overnight, starting the day at 1249.00/1250.00. After which, it went up to a 3 week high of 1253.00/1254.00 after U.S. initial jobless claims came in at a 2 month high. Subsequently, the metal declined on selling interest to a low of 1242.50/1243.50 as U.S. equities (S&P) improved and U.S. 10-year Treasury yields retreated to a 4 day decline. Platinum prices recovered after reaching a weekly low while palladium prices rallied to a 2 year high as gold improved to finish the day at 1247.00/1248.00.




Silver went up higher overnight, beginning the day at 17.58/17.63. It reached a 2-½-week high of 17.67/17.72 before going down alongside gold to a low of 17.52/17.57, before ending the day near opening levels, at 17.56/17.61.


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Market Commentary 1 - March-24-2017

Mar 24, 2017 12:43:44 PM

Gold dipped lower overnight, starting the day at a low of 1244.75/1245.75. After which, it went up to a 3 week high of 1250.00/1251.00 on safe haven buying interest as the dollar index went down to a 7 week low and benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury yields declined to a 3 week low. Brent crude oil prices also went down to 3-½-month low and platinum prices retreated while palladium prices went up to a 1 month high. U.S. equities (S&P) dropped to a 5 week low as gold finished the day at 1249.00/1250.00.


Silver also moved lower overnight, beginning the day at 17.47/17.52. It reached a low of 17.46/17.51 before following gold to a high of 17.55/17.60, before ending the day at 17.54/17.59.

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Market Commentary - 21st March 2017

Mar 21, 2017 9:48:43 AM

Gold went up to a 2 week high overnight as the dollar index fell to a 6 week low after G20 nations decided not to oppose trade protectionism at a weekend summit in Germany recently. Thereafter, gold went down to begin the day at 1230.50/1231.50. After which, it slightly touched a low of 1230.00/1231.00 before going up to a high of 1234.00/1235.00 as U.S. 10-year Treasury yields declined to a 2 week low. Global equities weakened while platinum and palladium prices advanced, with palladium climbing to a 3 week high, as gold fnished the day at 1233.75/1234.75.

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Market Commentary - 20th March 2017

Mar 20, 2017 1:45:15 PM

Gold went up overnight, starting out at 1231.50/1232.50. After which it went up to about a 2-week high of 1233.50/1234.50 as the dollar index weakened to a 5-week low and global equities advanced while Brent crude oil prices went back after reaching a weekly high. Gold finally fell back to a low of 1226.00/1227.00 on selling interest as the dollar recovered and was range bound for the remainder of the day, finishing at 1227.00/1228.00.


Silver started out at a 1-½-week high of 17.48/17.53. After which it went down gradually over the course of the day, finally finishing at a low of 17.25/17.30.

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Market Commentary - 13th March 2017

Mar 13, 2017 5:48:18 PM


Gold went up overnight, beginning the day at 1203.25/1204.25. After which, it dropped to a low of 1202.00/1203.00 before going up to a high of 1206.00/1207.00 as the dollar index rose to a 2-week high ahead of the U.S. FOMC 2-day meeting that begins tomorrow. Global equities progressed while Brent crude oil prices dropped to a new 4-month low as gold went back to opening levels, ending at 1203.00/1204.00.




Silver also went up overnight, starting the day at 16.98/17.03. It reached a low of 16.93/16.98 before following gold to reach a high of 17.00/17.05, before ending the day at 16.95/17.00.



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Market Commentary - Mar-13-2017

Mar 13, 2017 11:38:04 AM


Gold went down to a 5-½-week low overnight before improving to start the day at 1198.00/1199.00. After which, it dipped to a low of 1194.75/1195.75 before going up to a high of 1206.00/1207.00 after U.S. non-farm and private payrolls data came in strong but below higher expectations following the 3-year high ADP National Employment data, earlier this week. U.S. 10-year Treasury yields moved back after reaching a 2-½-month high and Brent crude oil prices dropped to a 3-month low as gold fell back on selling interest to finish the day at 1201.00/1202.00.




Silver reached a 6-week low overnight before beginning the day at 16.91/16.96. After which, silver went down to a low of 16.86/16.91 before following gold to a high of 17.06/17.11. Subsequently, silver dropped to trade near the lows of the day as platinum prices recovered while palladium prices dropped to a 5-½-week low. Silver ended up finishing the session at 16.89/16.94.



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