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Gold Stock is a leading precious metals dealer selling gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins and bullion bars online and over the phone. As one of Canada's largest owners of gold, silver and platinum bullion, our company's goal is to facilitate ownership of precious metals no matter how big or small your portfolio.

Why buy from GOLD STOCK?

  • Purity Guaranteed
  • Immediate, Affordable, and Insured Delivery
  • No Minimum Order Requirements
  • Live Pricing
  • Competitive Price Matching
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Website Open 24/7

What does GOLD STOCK sell?

GOLD STOCK sells investment-grade gold, silver and platinum bullion to investors, jewellery manufacturers and dentists wanting physical delivery or storage.

Are there risks involved in purchasing bullion?

The purchase of bullion involves a fair degree of risk and is not suitable for everyone. Bullion prices are determined by global financial markets and will fall and rise. For investment advice, please contact an independent financial advisor.

Where is Gold Stock located? Can I make a purchase in person?

We are located in Toronto and Mississauga. Yes, we do accept walk-in requests. You can visit one of our two locations.

Do I have to open an account with GOLD STOCK?

For individual orders, you are not required to open an online account.
Please call us toll free at 1-888-944-6539 and we will be happy to place your order over the phone.

Do you add a commission or any other hidden fee?

All of our precious metal bullion bars and coins are sold with a commission charge on top of the physical product.

Why do you need my credit card information / deposit as a security?

A valid Visa or MasterCard number or deposit is required to lock in your order. Your credit card will not be charged for the amount of your purchase. However, if you should fail to pay for your order, an Unpaid transaction fee of 10% and any market loss will be applied and charged to your card or deducted from your deposit.

Do I have to give you my credit card information?

Yes, a valid Visa or MasterCard number is required to lock in your order. Your credit card will not be charged for the amount of your purchase. However, if you should fail to pay for your order, an Unpaid transaction fee of 10% and any market loss will be applied and charged to your card.

GOLD STOCK recognizes the importance of security and confidentiality. We encrypt all communication using VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This means that your credit card information cannot be read as it travels from you to GOLD STOCK.

If you are uncomfortable with giving us your credit card information online, you can place your order over the telephone at 1-888-944-6539, which is TOLL FREE.

May I cancel my order?

Once we have issued a confirmation of that the order is locked-in. Please see our Order & Cancellation Policy for more information. If an unforeseen circumstance should arise, please call us at 1-888-944-4653 FREE to discuss your options.

Do I have to pay taxes on my purchases?

GOLD STOCK does not charge sales tax on any of our products. We only carry investment grade products that are tax-exempt in both Canada and the United States.

HST is applied to shipping and insurance charges on Canadian orders. HST rates will vary based on the province of the shipping address provided.


What payment methods does GOLD STOCK accept?

Payment must be postmarked within 48 hours of order confirmation and received by GOLD STOCK within 2 business days. For orders under $10,000 we accept the following payment options.

  • Cash
  • Bank Wire
  • Money Orders - held for 5 business days
  • Certified Cheques - held for 5 business days
  • Bank Drafts - held for 5 business days
  • Cashier's Cheques - held for 5 business days
  • Personal/Business Cheques - held for 10 business days

Orders over $2,000 may be paid by bank wire.

Payments we DO NOT accept:

  • Credit Cards
  • Third Party Cheques and Payments

We do not accept payment by credit card, but a valid credit card information is required only to secure your order. As part of the validation process, the first ten percentage (10%) of your payable amount will be charged to your credit card. Any remaining balance will require payment by your selected method. This deposit is non-refundable. Credit card information and other payment details are not saved on this site.

Where do I send my payment?

If you are paying with a money order, certified cheque, bank draft, cashier's cheque, or personal/business cheque, please send your payment addressed to Gold Stock Corp. to:

Billings & Accounts Department
21 Dundas Square Suite #302
Toronto Ontario Canada M5B 1B7

How do I make a wire payment?

Once your order has been placed, we will email you the banking information required for a wire transfer.


Does Gold Stock Corp. ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Gold Stock Corp. only ships within North America at this time. If you reside outside of these countries, please call 416 504 4653 or email us at sales@goldstocklive.com to discuss storage options.

Who is responsible if my package is lost or stolen?

All packages are shipped fully insured, to the address provided, Upon delivery, a signature is mandatory. Should your package be lost or stolen in transit, the contents of your order are fully covered and you will be fully compensated.

IMPORTANT: Indicating a signature is not required and/or giving permission for someone (other than yourself) to sign for deliveries, voids your insurance. This includes leaving your package with an office attendant, family member, building concierge, neighbour, or The UPS Store/Mail Boxes etc., locations. Under the aforementioned circumstances YOUR PACKAGE WILL BE VOICE OF INSURANCE.

Does Gold Stock deliver to non-residential addresses?

Yes. Gold Stock can deliver packages to any physical address located in North America. However, Gold Stock cannot be held responsible for packages delivered to a business address or third party. Please see our policies and procedures for more information.

Does Gold Stock deliver to post office boxes?

Yes. A notice to pick up your package will be left in your box. A signature and one piece of government issued photo I.D is required for pick up.

What happens if I am not home when my package is delivered?

If you are not home when your delivery first arrives, a second attempt will be made the following day. If you are not available, a notice will be left at your door for you to pick-up your package at the nearest post office or FedEx location.

How long will it take to receive my package?

Gold Stock ships all packages out within 2 business days of cleared payment. Delivery can be expected anywhere from 1-10 business days from shipment date.

Please note that to better safeguard your metals from loss, theft or damages as they are being delivered, Gold Stock does not ship on Fridays.

What are the shipping and insurance fees?

Shipping and insurance rates for gold:
$15.00 + 0.4% of the dollar value of your order.

Shipping and insurance rates for silver:
$30.00 + 0.75% of the dollar value of your order.

Shipping and insurance rates for platinum:
$30.00, insurance is covered by Gold Stock.

Shipping and insurance rates for gold and silver, and/or platinum (combination order):
$30 flat rate + 0.4% of the dollar value of gold in your order + 0.75% of the dollar value of silver in your order and insurance is covered by Gold Stock for platinum.


How is my personal information used?

Gold stock protects all personal information with appropriate security safeguards.

We do not sell, exchange, loan or make any information available that you have provided to us, except as needed to fulfill your order and as required by law. Your information is kept on file as long as it is required by law.

For more information regarding the Canada Privacy Act, please visit www.priv.gc.ca .
We are not required to submit any information to U.S authorities. However as a precious metals dealer we comply fully with the Proceeds of Crime (Money laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and our reporting obligations to the Financial Transactions Reports Analysis Center of Canada (FINTRAC)

For more information regarding FINTRAC, please visit www.fintrac.gc.ca .

Is my personal information secure online?

Gold Stock recognizes the importance of security and confidentiality. We take every measure to protect the information of our clients. We encrypt all communication using VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket layer) encryption standard for all information transmitted to and from our system.


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